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Pump System Assessment Professional Assessment

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10/3/2016 - 6/29/2018
Created 6/26/2017 by Mark Rehley
Updated 10/13/2020 by Geoff Wickes
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): NEEA
Primary: Geoff Wickes
Funding: Self Funded
Project Objectives:

Identify ways that a Pumps System Assessment Professional (PSAP) can support energy savings.

Current Project Phase: Completed
Current Project Status: HI has received accreditation on exam and it is ready to go.
If anyone is interested please contact Geoff Wickes gwickes@neea.org or 503.688.5456.
Still looking for more people to sit for the exam - Encourage anyone to participate in the training and the accredited exam
Project Outcome: Research Questions PROVEN
Notes on Project Outcome:

Pump Systems Matters has completed all required activities to get a certification up and running except having 50 people sit for the exam to validate the exam and the process. PSMs is looking for willing applicants to participate who would like to review the Body of Knowledge and sit for the exam. Contact Geoff Wickes at NEEA or Mark Sullivan at the Hydraulic Institute.  msullivan@pumps.org

Additional Information

Hydraulic Institute (HI) has completed Pump System Assessment training course and certificate was released September 2016. Since that time 10 certificates have been issued for pump system assessment. NEEA staff is exploring ways to test if a link between a Pumps System Assessment Profession (PSAP) and energy savings exists.

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