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Automated Measurement and Verification

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Created 4/26/2017 by Dave Kresta
Updated 4/12/2019 by Mark Rehley
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Contact and Funding
Lead Org(s): Seattle City Light
Primary: John Jennings - NEEA
Secondary: Mark Rehley - NEEA
Funding: NEEA
Product Components
Project Objectives:

Exploring how low cost sensors and / or improved analytics can be used to reduce the cost of measurement and verification of savings


Current Project Phase: Completed
Current Project Status: The energy efficiency power purchase agreement (PPA) between Seattle City Light and the Bullitt Center completed its 3rd year milestone. An independent evaluation requested by Seattle City Light of NEEA’s Validation process was completed in December. All parties have agreed to refine the baseline model using newly available data from more recently completed buildings. That work is underway through Q2 2018. The new baseline will be incorporated into the SCL-Bullitt PPA agreement.
Project Outcome: Research Questions PROVEN
Notes on Project Outcome:

EnergyRM’s DeltaMeter demonstrated accurate performance against an independent validation model and actual energy use.
For the long-term contract, SCL updated the baseline with additional similar projects built to the same code as Bullitt. This new baseline is under review by IDL Seattle for NEEA.  



Additional Information

Used to be called "Low Cost Whole Building Energy Metering"; also incorporates industrial, commercial and residential energy management information systems (EMIS)

An explanation of the Seattle-Bullitt PPA project can be found here.  http://www.meetscoalition.org/pilot-projects/.

Attached Files
Interested / Collaborative RETAC Organizations
NEEA, Seattle City Light
Project Geography
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