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Pivot Commissioning (Please Remove this Product)

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Created 4/26/2017 by Dave Kresta
Updated 1/17/2021 by Geoff Wickes
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Assessment services designed to maintain efficiency of pivot irrigation equipment. 

Contributing Org
NEEA (Geoff Wickes)
Market/Commercial Readiness
Level 1
Pre-commercial (not commercially available, limited pre-commercial availability)
Product Performance
Level 1
Unvalidated (mfr claims savings but not validated independently)
Program Readiness
Level 1
Energy System(s)
Energy Subsystem(s)
Building Type(s)
Cost and Savings
Unit Cost: N/A
Savings Type: ElectricSavingsOnly
Elec. Unit Savings: N/A
Gas Unit Savings: N/A
Unit: N/A
Benefits and Regional Potential
Non-Energy Benefits:

Improved crop yields. Reduced pump maintenance. Reduced water useage

Elec. Potential: 10
Gas Potential: N/A
Explanation: Council: From a long term regional potential, there probably isn't much incremental savings, as the savings come from repairing sprinkler parts (already captured in 7P), but this would help encourage these upgrades to happen timely
EE or DR Benefit
Energy Efficiency Benefit
RTF Research Plan
RTF Sunset Date
Additional Information

Overview update study just started to review activities since NEEA was working in the Agricultural Irrigation market. Review activities specifically on Pivot Commissioning to see what best practices are currently being deployed. Determine if potential for activating new project to explore savings. 9/26/2017

Proper commissioning of pivot irrigation systems should improved crop yield and quality, reduced water use and  maintenance.  Research is on hold pending the release of the BPA Market Characteristic Study and the updated Scientific Irrigation Scheduling (SIS) analysis. 

Pumping energy is used to compensate for poorly maintained pivot systems. NEEA staff are exploring ways for growers to monitor pivot performance to achieve maximum efficiency of current equipment. See Report on NEEA Website http://neea.org/docs/default-source/reports/pivot-evaluation-best-practices.pdf?sfvrsn=6 for more details of the opportunity

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