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Certification program for key processes, important steps and proven methodologies to manage and conduct any type of pumping systems audit.  Available through Pump Systems Matters.


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NEEA (Geoff Wickes)
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Non-Energy Benefits:

Improved reliability, reduced maintenance and improved performance

Elec. Potential: 20
Gas Potential: N/A
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The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is pleased to announce the development and implementation of a certification program for Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP). This program sets the standard for the discipline of pump systems assessment and the use of pump system optimization techniques. Certification will provide a high level of confidence to end-users and other stakeholders that pump system assessors have the experience and expertise to perform high quality assessments which will lead to more energy efficient and reliable pumping systems.


 PSAP Certification Exam Fee Discounted $150

Available to the first 20 applicants. Simply apply coupon code SAVE150 during checkout in the HI eStore and receive your discount.

Why Become Certified?


  • Validates your knowledge against industry best practices and demonstrates expertise in the field.
  • Enhances your career opportunities and provides a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Demonstrates dedication to continuous learning.
  • Assures your organization and/or clients that you have required knowledge and skills to perform a quality pump system assessment.



  • Provides another level of assurance that the highest quality assessments are being performed.
  • Increases the value of corporate capabilities and services.
  • Provides employees with recognition of their knowledge and experience, and opportunity for advancement.
  • Validates corporate commitment to employee development.
  • Demonstrates employee proficiency through validation of knowledge and experience by a third-party organization.
  • Creates an elevated reputation and credibility among current and potential customers.

 Pump Systems Assessments are critical to reducing your energy consumption and increasing your overall reliability, plus any optimized pumping systems will greatly reduce your maintenance costs. Take this new PSA Certificate program and learn all the key processes, important steps and proven methodologies to manage and conduct any type of pumping systems audit.  In this in-depth eight part module course, you’ll gain extensive knowledge on hydraulic systems behavior, pumps/components within pumping systems, and core concepts in collecting, measuring, analyzing, documenting, reporting, and conclusions in a pump systems assessment process.

 The eight part certificate program covers these critical areas:

  1. Understanding why pump systems optimization and assessments are important  to a wide range of industries and commercial markets
  2. Learn about all the basic hydraulic systems behavior and how it effects energy efficiency and reliability
  3. Gain knowledge in understanding pump performance characteristics and how it relates to the overall system
  4. Learn the basic steps in assessing a pumping system to identify and quantify pump system energy consumption reduction opportunities and reliability improvements
  5. Cover the core fundamentals in data collection, measurement, analyzing the data/information from any assessment process
  6. Learn all the key aspects to reporting and documentation and building the business case for management
  7. Understand all the skills, competencies and knowledge levels to conduct a level 1 2, or 3 pump system assessment
  8. Gain knowledge on the tools available, which are required to conduct any pumping system assessment

This program with fully integrated testing in each module is ideally suited for energy managers; utilities account managers, energy consultants, project managers, operational management, manufacturing representatives, pump manufacturers, distributors, government agencies and any type of energy organization.

This PSA Certificate Program will offer eight professional development hours and provides a certificate of completion from the Hydraulic Institute.

Program requirements: A fundamental understanding of centrifugal pump design with basic math skills along with understanding of entry level hydraulic engineering principles is recommended.

Time Limitation: Registrants have 60 days to complete this program beginning on the day of registration.

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