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Sidel Systems SRU Flue Gas Condenser
Created 8/12/2019 by Eric Olson
Updated 8/12/2019 by Eric Olson
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The SRU Flue Gas Condenser is a heat recovery unit designed to recover heat from a natural gas or propane forced draft boiler and recycle it into usable heat.  The condenser is a double-walled, finned-tube heat exchanger constructed out of stainless steel and aluminum; it utilizes the forced draft of the boiler for maximum energy savings.   Sidel Systems claims efficiency increases up to 15% over the boiler's baseline performance.
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Market/Commercial Readiness
Level 3 - Commercially available in NW from 1 manufacturer through standard channels.
Product Performance
Level 3 - Limited Assessment
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Level 1 - N/A
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Water Heating
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Heat Recovery
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Commercial:Residential Care
Cost and Savings
Unit Cost: N/A
Savings Type: GasSavingsOnly
Elec. Unit Savings: N/A
Gas Unit Savings: N/A
Unit: N/A
Benefits and Regional Potential
Non-Energy Benefits: N/A
Elec. Potential: N/A
Gas Potential: N/A
Explanation: N/A
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Additional Information
Each SRU Condensing Economizer is built based on the site-specific flue gas flow to eliminate the need for an additional fan or draft inducer.  Standard equipment sizes for the SRU are for equipment with inputs from 2 million to 42-million BTU/hour with custom sizes available.  Additionally, the unit reduces CO2 emissions and the condensate can be collected and used as boiler feed water or irrigation reducing site water consumption.

The technology has been assessed by Enovity, Inc. as part of their Commercial Industrial Boiler Efficiency Program with Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California.

Website:  http://sidelsystems.com
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