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iFLOW Air Handler for Combination Heating and Domestic Hot Water

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Created 7/9/2019 by Eric Olson
Updated 10/7/2019 by Eric Olson
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An air handler unit that works with high efficiency, condensing, tankless hot water heaters providing forced air heating and domestic hot water with a single hot water heater.
Contributing Org
NEEA (Eric Olson)
Market/Commercial Readiness
Level 2 - Commercially available outside of NW; Requires special order in NW
Product Performance
Level 3 - Limited Assessment
Program Readiness
Level 1 - N/A
Energy System(s)
Water Heating
Energy Subsystem(s)
Heat Pumps
Air and Fluid Distribution
Water Heaters
Building Type(s)
Cost and Savings
Unit Cost: N/A
Savings Type: GasSavingsOnly
Elec. Unit Savings: N/A
Gas Unit Savings: N/A
Unit: N/A
Benefits and Regional Potential
Non-Energy Benefits: N/A
Elec. Potential: N/A
Gas Potential: N/A
Explanation: N/A
EE or DR Benefit
Energy Efficiency Benefit
RTF Research Plan
RTF Sunset Date
Additional Information
The iFLOW air handler, when used in combination with a high-efficiency, condensing, natural gas tankless water heater, is up to 98% efficient per CSA P.9-11 test standards.  iFLOW offers their AHU in multiple sizes up to 94,633 with non-zoning and zone-capable models.  Units can integrate with a heat pump for further energy optimization.

The iFLOW utilizes proprietary software that is highly configurable and can tie into real time weather data to pre-condition a space for additional energy savings.  The software allows for bi-directional communication with the condensing, tankless water heater for fully modulating and adjustable performance.

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