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Conduit ED - What do you know about Demand Response?

Created 7/18/2018 by Conduit ED
Updated 10/15/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
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Have you heard about Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER)? Or maybe you've heard of these but aren't totally sure what they are? Take the poll below to let us know how  whether you're a beginner to the topic, or have an advanced understanding.

After the series is over,  we hope you will better understand what DR/DER is, how these two things play together for various programs in the region and explore opportunities to optimize demand response’s impact in the Northwest.

We hope you enjoy the series - Stay tuned next week for the first installment of Conduit ED: DR/DER, and check out the syllabus here!
Conduit ED - What do you know about Demand Response?
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Comments (2)
Ken Nichols on 07/19/18 on 11:29 AM (Pacific Time)
I think it is good for EE community to understand how energy efficiency and DER technology and programs can provide other utility and grid services, beyond energy.
Perry Spring on 07/23/18 on 01:09 PM (Pacific Time)
Yes each of these 2 important topics, Demand Response AND Distributed Energy Resources are fairly well established generally in the Energy Efficiency industry. However, the relationship between the 2 is somewhat newer, and probably not well understood.  Therefore, focusing on the relationship between the 2 is where I'd recommend Conduit ED put there resources.

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