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What are behavior based energy efficiency (BBEE) programs?
BBEE programs focus on energy savings resulting from changes in individual or organizational behavior and decision-making. For the most part, BBEE programs use some sort of energy use feedback mechanism to show the enduser how much energy they have used compared to another point in time.

Examples of BBEE programs

  • Provide residential end-users with information on their energy use, comparisons with usage by others, goal setting, rewards and additional tactics that encourage efficient energy use.


  • Assist commercial end-users to benchmark their building(s) energy use and improve operating performance through building or equipment tune-ups and changes to O&M routines.


This group is dedicated to the study and implementation of behavior based energy efficiency programs. You don't have to be an expert to join.

To learn more about what BPA is doing in this arena go to http://www.bpa.gov/Energy/N/behavior.cfm

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