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 The purpose of the Northwest End Use Load Research Working Group (Working Group) is to provide focused Funder and stakeholder input and guidance to the successful design and coordination of Northwest end use load research.  The Working Group will advise and make recommendations to the Steering Committee on technical and policy issues related to Northwest end use load research.

Working Group Objectives:

  • Identify and reach agreement on details for the research, consistent with the prospectus and/or subject to the approval of the Steering Committee.
  • Develop, finalize, and release Requests for Proposals as needed
  • Evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to the Steering Committee for awarding the contract(s)
  • Finalization of the contract and methodological details
  • Oversight of and adjustments to the study as needed to maintain or improve its value

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Steering Committee Page


The purpose of the End Use Load Research Steering Committee (Committee) is to provide oversight and management of the End Use Load Research Project (EULRP) on behalf of EULRP funders.  The Committee will manage planning and implementation of the EULRP.

Link to Steering Committee Page