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This is a place to discuss manufactured housing efficiency opportunities. NEEA, BPA, WSU and NEW are currently investigating potential market transformation activities, the technologies best suited, and the regional alignment needed to succeed. Focus of this work falls into these three general areas:
  1. Federal standard ("HUD Code") changes
  2. Voluntary standard increases (Energy Star/NEEM)
  3. A "Cash for Clunkers” replacement of old homes with new efficient units
The technical potential savings of the first two is roughly 20 aMW, and the third is greater than 100 aMW depending on how you define “old”.  All ideas are welcome. Reports and information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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June 15, 2017--------------- New Manufactured Homes meeting the NEEM 1.1 and NEEM 2.0 specifications and HVAC measures have been approved by the RTF --------- https://rtf.nwcouncil.org/measure/new-manufactured-homes

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