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Residential Demand Reponse PIlot Evaluation

Created 3/23/2012 by Eric Brateng
Updated 3/23/2012 by Eric Brateng
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PSE conducted a residential Demand Response Pilot on Bainbridge Island. Lessons learned will be applied to a Residential DR program sometime in the future. PSE is a winter peaking utility.
Posted By: Eric Brateng 03/23/12 on 12:46 PM (Pacific Time)
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Eric Brateng on 03/23/12 on 03:41 PM (Pacific Time)
Heat pumps have a bigger effect in snap back that during the event.
Baseboards are not a good winter peaking DR strategy as they are likley to cause dicomfort issues unless the home has an alternative heta source.
Water Heaters are an effective end use to control.

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