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PSE C&I Retrofit Programs Evaluation, 2011

Created 3/23/2012 by Eric Brateng
Updated 3/23/2012 by Eric Brateng
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This is  comprehensive Market, Process, and Impact evaluation of Puget Sound Energy's C&I Retrofit Programs. Market and Process results were used in program planning for our 2012-2013 program cycle. Impact realization rates centered around 100%.
Posted By: Eric Brateng 03/23/12 on 12:27 PM (Pacific Time)
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Eric Brateng on 03/23/12 on 02:52 PM (Pacific Time)
We broke new ground with this evaluation. Given the current state of the economy, Navigant estimated three realization rates: As Installed, As Evaluated, and Economically Adjusted. All three were around 100% with 90/10 Confidence and Precsion.

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