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Industrial Behavior-Based / O&M Energy Efficiency Presentation

Created 1/31/2012 by Ray Hawksley
Updated 2/21/2012 by Ben Fowler
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This industrial behavior-based / O&M energy efficiency presentation was delivered to the CEE Winter Program Meeting in San Diego on January 25th. CEE members from all across North America, representing a wide variety of resource acquisistion programs, attended a plethora of working sessions and the session that focused on behavior-based / custom O&M offerings centered around this Energy Trust of Oregon presentation.
Posted By: Ray Hawksley 01/31/12 on 11:11 AM (Pacific Time)

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Ray Hawksley on 01/31/12 on 01:11 PM (Pacific Time)
Feel free to take a look at the presentation and provide feedback if you choose. Energy Trust has several different type of behavioral offerings including a variety of Strategic Energy Management engagements, a couple Targeted O&M services, and a Custom O&M offering. Many of the session attendees at CEE found the slides on Persistence particularly valuable since they want to move into behavioral and O&M offerings in the future.
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