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ENERGY STAR Draft Spec for HPWH - Comments due 12/2/2011

Created 11/16/2011 by Stephanie Vasquez-Pettit
Updated 11/28/2011 by Dave Kresta
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Heat Pump Water Heater federal tax credit program requirements.  Excludes all currently available products NCS Tier 1, as none have audible alerts.  Comments DUE NO LATER THAN DEC 2.
Posted By: Stephanie Vasquez-Pettit 11/16/11 on 12:08 PM (Pacific Time)
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Stephanie Vasquez-Pettit on 11/16/11 on 02:08 PM (Pacific Time)
The "additional requirement" for heat pump water heaters for an audible alert of clogged condensate line excludes all available products in Tier 1.  Since the NCS requires Energy Star at Tier 1, and is included in Oregon's tax credit language and the RTF deemed measures, this language would prevent BPA reimbursements for Tier 1. Comments due no later than Dec 2.


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