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Energy Forward Infographic - Low resolution web version

Created 11/8/2011 by Becca Yates
Updated 11/8/2011 by Becca Yates
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We encourage you to share this infographic through your social media channels and help us drive consumers to the energyefficientelectronics.org website to learn more about Energy Forward televisions and local retailers in their area who sell these televisions. If you would like to modify this image with your utility logo for broader distribution, we'd love to help with that! Please contact byates@neea.org for more information on this.

When posting this image to your social media channels, please link it to the below URL, which will direct viewers to the Energy Forward website for more information on Energy Forward TVs and find local retailers who sell them. We will also use this URL to track the effectiveness in reaching consumers:

Posted By: Becca Yates 11/08/11 on 12:47 PM (Pacific Time)

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