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Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency O&M Measure Checklist

Created 10/21/2011 by Walt Mintkeski
Updated 10/25/2011 by Layne McWilliams
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The purpose of this list is to help idientify no cost or low cost electricity savings through operation & maintenance practices at Wastewater Treatment Plants.  It is organized by System in approximate order from highest to lowest energy use.  Please distribute this document to anyone who might be interested, and please provide comments, suggestions, and new ideas to Walt Mintkeski, P.E. at mintkeski@juno.com or 503-771-0232
Posted By: Walt Mintkeski 10/21/11 on 03:52 PM (Pacific Time)
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Comments (11)
Ben Fowler on 10/24/11 on 01:33 PM (Pacific Time)
Actually, if you have feedback or comments on this checklist/doc, please also post them here in the comments thread.  
Layne McWilliams on 10/24/11 on 10:12 PM (Pacific Time)
Thanks for posting this, Walt.   This is a good list of actions to consider for saving energy at your plant.  A couple of communities have started using this following the PNCWA conference.  It is a dense document - I would attack one area each month or so, and try to think through your process areas deliberately as you go about your rounds.  By the end of the year, I guarantee you will have found places to reduce energy consumption with no impact on water quality.
Ray Hawksley on 10/25/11 on 07:03 AM (Pacific Time)
Thank you Walt for posting our W/WW O&M Checklist. I trust that all is well and your worldwide adventures continue to be exciting.
Ben Fowler on 10/25/11 on 08:47 AM (Pacific Time)
So maybe this is common knowledge, but what do you do after you've completed the checklist? How are the opportunities then turned into energy savings?
Ray Hawksley on 10/25/11 on 09:10 AM (Pacific Time)
Hi Ben,
I guess that would depend on the customer and whether or not they have an incentive program that should be considered before making any changes. For Energy Trust industrial site customers, they could essentially "inventory" their opportunities then have their Energy Trust PDC (program delivery contractor) make a site visit to discuss and possibly receive an incentive offer from Energy Trust. If so, the cost to implement drops significantly. The PDC would help determine the current baseline energy use and then estimate the energy savings potential for each desired EEM. After implementation the implemented measures are verified and actual savings are determined. A few weeks after all of the required paperwork has been completed, the customer receives an incentive check. Yes - Energy Trust does offer incentives for industrial Custom O&M projects.
For sites that do not have a resource like Energy Trust but have the savvy to determine baseline energy use then monitor the effects of any changes made that should reduce energy consumption, they can see for themselves the delta between pre and post implementation.
Nancy Adams on 11/02/11 on 11:14 AM (Pacific Time)
Hi Layne, we like your check list.  Are we free to use and distribute the content?
Layne McWilliams on 11/03/11 on 10:02 AM (Pacific Time)
Nancy - The list is posted here for use and distribution to all that are interested.  Bear in mind - there are items listed which won't apply to all facilities.   And, there are ideas in there that will be met with immediate resistance - for good reason.  Some of the process changes / ideas must be thought through and approached methodically.   No amount of energy savings is worth a permit violation.

Also, please note Walt's request.   This is meant to be a living document that gets improved and added to as people find or have more experience with additional opportunities.  We will be updating it shortly with some info and ideas that came out of the Columbia Blvd. plant in Portland.
Nancy Adams on 11/03/11 on 10:18 AM (Pacific Time)
Thanks Layne, appreciate the additional information.  I will take a closer look and see how we can use this to help our Waste Water customers, and will keep an eye out for your update.
I am also looking at developing a TopTips Sheet for the various sectors we target (Pulp & Paper, Mining, Oil & Gas, Wood Products, Manufacturing, Chemical, Cement, Food Processing)  if anyone has already tackled this type of list - would love to see what you have developed and how you have used it to educate customers.
Nancy Adams on 11/04/11 on 11:12 AM (Pacific Time)
Hi Layne, another list was brought to my attention apparently developed in partnership with CEE - thought I would bring to your attention in case you have not seen it:  http://www.efficiencyvermont.com/docs/for_my_business/publications_resources/2011WasteWaterChecklist.pdf
Layne McWilliams on 11/04/11 on 11:25 AM (Pacific Time)
That is a great survey form.  The ESI program has an informational form we send out before walk-throughs so we know what to expect before getting on site and can focus appropriately.  I like the Vermont approach, though, as it tends to ask questions more aimed at uncovering opportunities.  Thanks for posting it, Nancy!
Ray Hawksley on 11/04/11 on 12:56 PM (Pacific Time)
Thank you very much Nancy for posting the Efficiency Vermont "WasteWater Checklist". I really like the overall format and can see it being used to help characterize a wastewater treatment site. This will make a nice compliment to the O&M Measure Checklist posted by Walt that was developed while he was working under contract to Energy Trust earlier this year. It is great to see that Conduit is in fact turning into a conduit for valuable information to those of us working in the world of energy efficiency.

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