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PSE Targeted Demand Side Management (TDSM) RFP

Created 12/29/2020 by Jeff Tripp
Updated 12/29/2020 by Jeff Tripp
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2020 Request for Proposals (RFP)
Technology and Implementation Services
In support of
Puget Sound Energy (PSE)
Targeted Demand Side Management (TDSM) Program

The goal of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to secure bids for the implementation of delivery of Demand Side Energy Management products, programs and support services to Targeted Geographic Locations and Areas (TDSM Areas) that will provide demand response and energy savings services to PSE customers in specified geographic locations for the 2021-25 program years. This RFP is sponsored by PSE’s Customer Energy Management (CEM) and Clean Energy Strategy Departments.

 TDSM is an Energy Efficiency initiative to identify localized conservation and demand response potential, develop plans to achieve a defined percentage of that potential, then implement those plans to deliver identified energy efficiency and capacity savings.

Working closely with PSE’s Delivery Systems Planning teams Energy Efficiency identifies conservation and capacity potential in Non-Wires (electric)/Non-Pipes (natural gas) Alternatives analysis for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) projects to determine if the project may be deferred through the implementation of such efforts.

PSE has identified two TDSM areas:  Bainbridge Island and Duvall.  Additional TDSM areas may be identified during the contract period and bidders should include how future areas may be incorporated.   Programs will include Targeted Energy Efficiency (TEE) and Targeted Demand Response (TDR). 

Bidders are encouraged to propose solutions with any available technologies that can meet the identified objectives, across all customer segments.  These technologies include, but are not limited to, smart thermostats, water heater communication modules, and behavioral modification.  Technologies may be proposed separately or in combination.   

Posted By: Jeff Tripp 12/29/20 on 02:23 PM (Pacific Time)
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