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Effective Useful Life of Industrial SEM Programs: NW References and Resources

Created 10/21/2020 by Jacob Schroeder
Updated 10/21/2020 by Jacob Schroeder
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A working group within the  NW SEM Collaborative’s M&V working group was established in 2018 to focus on SEM  Effective Useful Life (EUL). This SEM EUL working group developed this short reference guide for SEM professionals who develop or use industrial SEM EUL estimates in their current practice. This guide can also serve as a starting point for future research on methods for estimating SEM EULs. The goal of this guide is to provide SEM professionals with relevant program references and resources for industrial SEM EUL. 

In summary, this paper includes:

  1. Data from existing industrial programs in the NW is included in Table 1, including sectors served, EUL used, and names supporting documents. 
  2. Evaluation and research reports providing EUL and measure persistence documentation are listed in Table 2. 
  3. An annotated reference section is provided to assist SEM professionals in investigating the EUL for SEM programs, with both cited documents and relevant studies of interest to those assessing persistence.  
  4. A methodology for estimating the SEM EUL by analyzing energy consumption is included in Appendix A.
  5. EUL references for commercial programs (since the document focused on industrial, commercial reference studies are in an appendix).
Posted By: Jacob Schroeder 10/21/20 on 11:18 AM (Pacific Time)
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