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EFX20 Webinar - Shaping Loads with Flexible Rates: Lessons from Northwest Utilities

Created 8/27/2020 by Kaylan Dorsch
Updated 8/27/2020 by Kaylan Dorsch
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Efficiency Exchange 2020 Summer Webinar Series: Shaping Loads with Flexible Rates from NEEA on Vimeo.

Flexible rate designs are being planned, piloted, or already implemented by utilities across the United States. These rates – whether demand charges, TOU pricing, Critical Peak Pricing, or other flexible rate structures, are used to reduce peak load, shift load, and/or support grid flexibility. This panel features both consumer-owned and investor-owned utilities from the Pacific Northwest. They will speak about how to assess the best TOU rate options for a changing future, current demand management rate design strategies, and lessons learned. The panelists will also discuss how the rate designs have, or are intended, to impact customer behavior and adoption of DR and DER offerings. The panelists represent different places on the journey toward flexible rates, from planning phase to full implementation.


Posted By: Kaylan Dorsch 08/27/20 on 09:33 AM (Pacific Time)
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