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EFX20 Webinar Slides- Washington New Clean Buildings Law: Challenges and Opportunities

Created 7/29/2020 by Kaylan Dorsch
Updated 7/29/2020 by Kaylan Dorsch
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Efficiency Exchange 2020 Summer Webinar Series: Washington's New Clean Buildings Law from NEEA on Vimeo.

Washington State’s Clean Building Law, HB 1257, will create a performance-based energy standard based on ASHRAE Standard 100 for commercial buildings larger than 50,000 sq. ft. This new law represents compliance challenges and opportunities for utilities. In addition to penalties for building owners that do not meet the standard, the law also requires utilities to provide building owners energy data and administrative support on payments for an early adopter incentive program. Hear from utilities and state agencies about compliance implications for utilities and how the law provides an opportunity for increased conservation program participation.


Posted By: Kaylan Dorsch 07/29/20 on 10:09 AM (Pacific Time)
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