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SEM Data Plan - Meta-Analysis Presentation and Webinar Recording

Created 1/14/2020 by Suzi Asmus
Updated 1/23/2020 by Suzi Asmus
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Full webinar recording available through Adobe Connect here.

In 2019 NEEA implemented the first step of the SEM Data Plan, conducting a meta-analysis of existing reports and evaluations in order to summarize regional SEM program key performance indicators (KPIs), program achievements to date, and data gaps.

 This meta-analysis aimed to identify additional regional SEM opportunities, and help the region refine and prioritize follow-on opportunities.

Any identified follow-on activities will be guided by NEEA SEM Funder approval.

 The meta-analysis included a review of:

  1. Program and tracking data compilation and analysis
  2. an EMA data analysis
  3. Benchmarking of model methods

 Contractors SBW and Opinion Dynamics presented the results of the meta-analysis to NEEA utility partners on January 13, 2020

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