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Modeling Method Selection Guide

Created 6/19/2019 by Tina Schnell
Updated 8/20/2019 by Stephanie Lane
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New SEM Modeling Method Selection Guide

Strategic Energy Management energy savings are normally estimated by creating a model that calculates energy consumption for an entire facility or subsystem. This is a big challenge and program designers, implementers, and evaluators may apply different methods to the same systems. Understanding the benefits of different methods and when they are most applicable can help these groups understand each other and help clarify when different methods are best applied.

The NW SEM Collaborative Measurement and Verification group has composed a white paper that provides an overview of different modeling methods (forecast, backcast, pre/post, etc.). The guide provides direction on how and when alternatives to traditional multivariate linear regression forecast models may be appropriate. Key sections include model structure and diagnostics, estimating savings, usability, and relevant model subsets.

Posted By: Stephanie Lane 08/20/19 on 09:50 AM (Pacific Time)

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