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EFX19 Session: Does Data Support Different Baselines for Diverse Population Groups?

Created 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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As we expand the available data on market shares and stock data tied to geographic and demographic awareness, combined with improved analytical techniques within the energy-efficiency community, can we make the case for different baselines and savings for well-targeted program action? What do we know now? What do we need to know? In what circumstances is this worth the extra effort? During this session we contextualized the need for more granular savings estimates, present some of the research and analysis Energy Trust has done so far and facilitate a group discussion on further opportunities in the region to more accurately quantify savings when a program targets underserved markets. Strategy/Policy; Non-sector Specific

Learn more about this session from Nic Lane, BPA.

Posted By: Carol Lindstrom 05/16/19 on 06:43 AM (Pacific Time)

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