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EFX19: What Does "Cost Effective" Really Mean Anyway?

Created 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
Updated 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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Cost-effectiveness is a core tenant of efficiency efforts, but approaches vary by jurisdiction and results can look wildly different depending on the assumptions used. If we can minimize strict “yes or no” decision-making based on one-size-fits-all calculations, it can help remove barriers to delivering equitable energy-efficiency benefits. In this session we will dig in to the intention, application, unintended consequences and opportunities associated with cost-effectiveness frameworks in the region. Attendees should come away with a greater understanding of current thinking on cost-effectiveness frameworks and be encouraged that there are opportunities to shift the paradigm so that we as an industry do not leave societally valuable efficiency opportunities on the table. Strategy/Policy; Non-sector Specific

Learn more about this session from Nic Lane, BPA
Posted By: Carol Lindstrom 05/16/19 on 05:47 AM (Pacific Time)
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