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Created 9/30/2011 by Eric Brateng
Updated 11/15/2011 by Ben Fowler
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In 2008, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) became the second utility in the U.S. to implement an innovative program designed to conserve energy, called the Home Energy Reports Program (HER). The program utilizes a social marketing campaign, with normative messaging techniques to encourage responsible energy behavior and choices. Reports compare the receiving household’s energy usage with that of neighboring homes, essentially using peer pressure to achieve energy savings. The intent of this evaluation is to present results of program savings over the first 20 months of the program.

Posted By: Eric Brateng 09/30/11 on 02:23 PM (Pacific Time)

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Comments (5)
Eric Brateng on 09/30/11 on 04:23 PM (Pacific Time)
Ongoing evaluation to determine persistence.
Eugene Rosolie on 10/03/11 on 01:30 PM (Pacific Time)
Interesting report.  One finding I found insightful was the monthly reports being more affective overall than the quarterly reports, especially in light of OPower pushing six reports a year.  Thanks for passing this on.


Summer Goodwin on 10/19/11 on 01:57 PM (Pacific Time)
Eric, how do the RePower projects fit in with PSE's behavioral strategy? And this report is from last October, will there be a new one out soon?
Eric Brateng on 03/23/12 on 12:40 PM (Pacific Time)
RePower is a separate promotion. Yes, there will be another report out in a couple months.
Bobette Wilhelm on 04/12/12 on 07:48 AM (Pacific Time)
We are in the process of completing a three year evalaution on HER. THat will be uploaded once we make it public.

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