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EFX19 Session: Energy Efficiency: New Tools, New Techniques

Created 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
Updated 5/16/2019 by Carol Lindstrom
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Are you or your utility looking for that next new cool tool or technique to help your energy-efficiency program shine? During this session, you'll get firsthand information on a new energy monitoring system for residential use. Nick Dominguez, IT manager at Lassen Municipal Utility District, and Shaun Barnes, IT specialist at Ravalli Electric Co-op, will present their experiences and data they've collected using the new Sense home-monitoring system. Both Nick and Shaun installed a Sense monitor in their own homes. Learn what they discovered about the amount of electricity their homes, individual appliances and home electronics use. Nuts & Bolts; Residential

Learn more about this session from Nic Lane, BPA.

Posted By: Carol Lindstrom 05/16/19 on 04:52 AM (Pacific Time)
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