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Thanks for the feedback on NEEA's Draft 2020-2024 Business Plan

Created 9/20/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
Updated 10/19/2018 by Veronica Marzilli
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In developing its 2020-24 Business Plan, the alliance took a fresh, bottoms-up look at its portfolio, to develop a plan that resulted in the greatest regional value while addressing diverse regional needs and constraints. 

The Draft Plan is intended to balance emerging technology and electric energy savings work while preserving the organizational capacity to deliver this work, including regional collaboration and coordination, market intelligence and core administration functions. This results in an electric budget of $159.4M with $6.5M in potential additional optional investment opportunities, and a five-year natural gas budget of $18.9M. 

Public Input
As part of its planning for the 2020-2024 business cycle, NEEA’s Board of Directors held a public comment on NEEA’s Draft 2020-24 Business Plan that concluded on October 19th.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and participated in regional events and webinars. 

If you missed those presentations, here's a recording: http://neea.adobeconnect.com/pp642s5f6vw9/

This Draft Business Plan builds on the 2020-2024 Draft Strategic Plan and its seven key strategies as the foundation. This process has been, and continues to be, iterative until all input is reviewed and considered. Thanks for your interest and participation!

Posted By: Veronica Marzilli 10/19/18 on 03:04 PM (Pacific Time)

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Comments (2)
Veronica Marzilli on 09/20/18 on 06:16 AM (Pacific Time)
The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA or the alliance) is proud to present the Draft 2020-2024 Strategic and Business Plans for regional input now through October 19. Add your feedback now at https://conduitnw.org/neea2020, or join one of two public input sessions, on Oct 4 and 10 to walk through the Draft Plans and solicit feedback.
Veronica Marzilli on 10/05/18 on 08:09 AM (Pacific Time)
The Board and NEEA staff will host the second regional webinar on October 10 at 2:30 PST to walk through the Draft Plans and solicit feedback.... Please join us!
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