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OrACWA Article on Sustainable Energy - Spring 2011

Created 9/15/2011 by Layne McWilliams
Updated 9/15/2011 by Layne McWilliams
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PDF of an article originally published in the OrACWA Spring Newsletter summarizing the 13-month Sustainable Energy Management program that ran from spring of 2010 to summer, 2011.  Thirteen municipal utilities participated in the program funded by the Energy Trust of Oregon, Bonneville Power Administration through the Energy Smart Industrial program, the EPA, and the participating utilities.  Thank you Janet Gillaspie, Exec Director of OrACWA, for permission to post!
Posted By: Layne McWilliams 09/15/11 on 10:59 AM (Pacific Time)
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Layne McWilliams on 09/15/11 on 12:59 PM (Pacific Time)
This article summarizes the program and some of the results of the inaugural energy management program completed by thirteen Oregon municipal utilities.  There are some great ideas here!

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