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XMP Pump Research Flyer

Created 6/7/2018 by Nate Baker
Updated 6/8/2018 by Warren Fish
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This flyer contains overview information on the XMP Initiative Pumps Research, the data that will be collected, and ways to get involved in the research.
Posted By: Nate Baker 06/07/18 on 08:13 AM (Pacific Time)
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Warren Fish on 06/08/18 on 07:37 AM (Pacific Time)
If you have existing data on pumps, or if someone in your organization or your personal network does, you should take a look at the XMP Pumps Research Flyer that Nate posted here.  Consider helping out with this important research project simply by sharing existing pump performance data.  Pumps and pump systems have enormous energy savings potential, and this research is a key way that we as an energy efficiency community can unlock more of those savings opportunities.   NEEA's team of experts working on this project will protect and manage all confidential data securely.  Reach out for us with any questions about how you can help (contact info is in the attached PDF), and thank you in advance for your consideration! 

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