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EFX18 Session: Are There Hard to Reach Markets? Diving into the Equity Issue in Northwest Energy Efficiency Programs

Created 5/23/2018 by Carol Lindstrom
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Are There Hard to Reach Markets? Diving into the Equity Issue in Northwest Energy Efficiency Programs

The Northwest has had great success in setting, and meeting, energy-efficiency goals over the last two decades. As the region works to acquire the cost-effective savings identified in the Seventh Power Plan, we need to ask ourselves if we are achieving these goals evenly and equitably. And if not, what should we do about it? The Seventh Plan calls out possible underserved segments—those segments of people (e.g., middle income) or building types (e.g., manufactured homes)—with savings potential that may be going unrealized by our current programs. One of the plan’s action items directs the region to use data to identify and address underserved population segments. In 2016, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council staff initiated a working group of regional utilities to begin this work. Several utilities, including BPA, have developed a systematic approach and conducted analyses on their own program and population data. Utilities have assessed how their portfolios and individual measures are distributed in their territories by household income, housing type, language, geography and other demographic characteristics. This session will introduce this group's findings, documenting where there are, and are not, participation gaps in the region’s efficiency programs.

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