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Custom O&M Measure List 083011

Created 8/31/2011 by Ray Hawksley
Updated 2/21/2012 by Ben Fowler
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Simple one page listing of industrial O&M measures
Posted By: Ray Hawksley 08/31/11 on 05:29 AM (Pacific Time)

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Comments (2)
Summer Goodwin on 08/31/11 on 09:34 AM (Pacific Time)
Just to clarify, this is a custom O&M list for ETO.
Ray Hawksley on 08/31/11 on 09:59 AM (Pacific Time)
Hi Summer,

This list is just a sample of industrial O&M measure typesrelated to the different systems noted and is available for anyone to reference. At Energy Trust of Oregon we will consider providing incentives for any energy efficiency measures that will save enough natural gas and/or electrical energy that pass our cost effectiveness criteria. That is the beauty of Custom Track projects, we can be open to most any opportunity in the territories that we serve.
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