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Q1 MRE Newsletter 2018

Created 1/22/2018 by Amanda Showers
Updated 1/24/2018 by Stephanie Lane
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What’s New? Well, Market Research & Evaluation (MRE) is wishing all the Energy Efficiency families out there a happy and prosperous new year! Aside from that, we are back full force – managing evaluation and market research projects. In fact, in MRE we are always looking for ways to deliver deeper insights in a way that is faster and more efficient. One way to make progress towards these goals is to have a qualified pool of MRE suppliers that we know are capable and cost competitive. Read more in our newsletter by clicking the link below.
Posted By: Stephanie Lane 01/24/18 on 11:34 AM (Pacific Time)

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Bob Ramirez on 01/24/18 on 06:38 AM (Pacific Time)
Nicely done, I love the report format, and good idea to use landscape instead of portrait. So easy to get a quick sense of where each of the projects are at. I also really like the cityscape graphic used for CBSA.  For CBSA and RBSA, it would be helpful and consistent with the other reports to add the names of the teams doing this work.

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