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IEPEC Paper -- SEM Method Comparison, by Andrew Bernath

Created 10/20/2017 by Warren Fish
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Estimating Energy Savings Resulting from Strategic Energy Management Programs:

Methodology Comparison


Evaluators typically estimate energy savings associated with SEM programs using regression analysis to model facility energy consumption as a function of weather and other variables. They then use the regression models to compare energy consumption before and

after program implementation. Evaluators can choose among several regression model frameworks, with the

accuracy of results depending on the model selected. Therefore, selecting the right framework proves integral to

completing an accurate, robust evaluation. Testing frameworks to determine those best suited to evaluate savings

for a particular facility (and under a specific set of circumstances) presents a challenge as true energy savings value

at a facility remain unknown.

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Andrew Bernath, The Cadmus Group, Portland, OR

Maggie Buffum, The Cadmus Group, Portland, OR


Posted By: Warren Fish 10/20/17 on 12:54 PM (Pacific Time)
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