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NILM Laboratory-Based Test Protocols

Created 1/23/2017 by ebony mayhorn
Updated 1/23/2017 by ebony mayhorn
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This document contains the NILM laboratory-based protocols, proposed by PNNL, which provide a consistent method that can be used to quantify and compare the performance of NILM products in estimating the energy use of eight major end-uses in a laboratory environment. The protocol is intended to: (1) minimize the costs or need for large-scale field studies to demonstrate and understand performance of NILM products and (2) enable better understanding and communication of the NILM industry state-of-the- art through the use of consistent evaluation approaches and metrics. Key elements of this laboratory test protocol include setting up experiments to capture real world performance of NILM products and isolating energy estimation performance from the labeling issues that have not yet been resolved by the NILM industry.

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Posted By: ebony mayhorn 01/23/17 on 06:26 AM (Pacific Time)
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