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NILM Protocol Development Advisory Group Meeting 3

Created 7/29/2016 by ebony mayhorn
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Here are the notes for meeting 3 of the NILM Protocol Development Advisory Group, held on May 6, 2016. In this meeting, the comments received regarding the PNNL evaluation of candidate NILM performance metrics, discussed in the recently accepted 2016 ACEEE Summer Study Paper: "Load Disaggregation Technologies: Real World and Laboratory Performance", were summarized. The advisory group then reached an agreement on which metric should be used to evaluate NILM performance. data-driven vs a laboratory test protocol to evaluate NILM performance and then came to an agreement on which approach PNNL should focus on. The group also attempted to make a decision on whether PNNL should move forward with developing a data driven or laboratory test protocol, but concluded that more information was needed to make a final decision.

Posted By: ebony mayhorn 07/29/16 on 02:49 PM (Pacific Time)
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