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NILM Performance Metrics: Data Driven versus Lab Test Approaches

Created 7/12/2016 by ebony mayhorn
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PNNL is working to develop a common evaluation protocol to enable the NILM industry quantify and compare performance. Several NILM vendors responded to the recent PNNL feedback request (http://blog.oliverparson.co.uk/2016/06/pnnl-nilm-vendor-survey.html), which is being considered in determining whether to move forward with developing a data driven or laboratory test protocol. In particular, the feedback received regarding sampling interval requirements of NILM platforms are being strongly considered. This document lists the benefits and challenges identified for each approach. In addition, a set of questions for stakeholders to consider are given at the end of the document. This document will be used for discussion in the next NILM Protocol Development Advisory Group meeting, to be held the week of July 18th, to make a decision about the approach. Feel free to blog any comments and suggestions here or send an email to ebony.mayhorn@pnnl.gov.

Posted By: ebony mayhorn 07/12/16 on 08:14 AM (Pacific Time)
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