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Hot Water Solutions Oriented Installer List Update - Installers Removed

Created 6/2/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
Updated 7/12/2016 by Hot Water Solutions
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Hot Water Solutions is committed to helping you and your customers save energy through quality heat pump water heater installations. Since 2011, over 500 installation companies have participated and been added to the HotWaterSolutionsNW.org Installer Finder, helping to connect customers and installers throughout the Northwest.  

After a recent review of our oriented installer list, which involved comparing existing information on installers with data from their state's contractor licensing agencies, we identified 48 installers who did not have a valid license or who needed to provide additional information to confirm the validity of their license.  

Installers without a valid license were notified and will not be able to participate until they provide proper licensing documentation. They have been removed from the Installer Finder on HotWaterSolutionsNW.org, and we encourage you to remove them from your local installer list as well.  

Installers who needed to provide Hot Water Solutions with additional information to prove the validity of their license had until June 29, 2016 to update their information.  

The list of installers who have been suspended is attached. Hot Water Solutions will follow-up in a few weeks to alert you if we have removed additional installers due to missing information, or if installers have been restored to the list. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at info@HotWaterSolutionsNW.org

Posted By: Hot Water Solutions 07/12/16 on 02:45 PM (Pacific Time)

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