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EFX16 Session: No Stone Unturned -- Building Efficiency With Behavior

Created 5/4/2016 by Carol Lindstrom
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Presentation and video from Efficiency Exchange 2016 Session. 

No Stone Unturned: Building Efficiency With Behavior
Traditional commercial energy efficiency programs generally engage building operators and owners, leaving the building occupants unaware of their impact on energy performance. New programs are combining elements of traditional program models with a focus on occupant behavior to accomplish more, leaving no stone unturned. This session will focus on how social marketing strategies, and technology can spur behavior change. Attendees will hear firsthand how utilities in the Northwest and beyond are using community based social marketing principles to engage with their customers and community. We’ll discuss the research, challenges, successes and the future of behavior change programs in commercial buildings.
Moderator: Trevor Rasmussen, C+C 
Panelists: Bryan Anderson, EnerNOC | Jessica Raker, Puget Sound Energy | Emma Johnson, City of Bellevue

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