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EFX16 Session: Utility Response to Industry Disruption

Created 5/4/2016 by Carol Lindstrom
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Presentation and video from Efficiency Exchange 2016 Session. 

Utility Response to Industry Disruption
The electric industry is in transition. Technological innovation, increased penetration of distributed resources, aging infrastructure, and flattening utility revenues are challenging utilities’ financial and operational future. The old “cost of service” business model is outdated and perpetuates misalignment with state and federal policies that support greater adoption of renewables and efficiency. This session takes a look at how utilities across North America are responding to these disruptive forces including revising rate structures and the future of net metering policies. We’ll also look at which states are trying out innovative approaches that reposition the utility role.
Moderator: Kate Merson, E Source
Panelists: Donna M. Attanasio, The George Washington University Law School | Wendy Gerlitz, NW Energy Coalition

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Watch the video
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