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NEEA SEM Maturity Model - Draft

Created 8/5/2015 by Nick Leritz
Updated 8/5/2015 by Nick Leritz
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With the breadth and depth of the challenges hindering broad scale SEM adoption, a critical first step is agreement on a comprehensive definition of SEM. A capability maturity model of SEM components (Model) enables everyone to start down the path with common understanding. The Model provides a tool that can be used for regional and program planning, program design and implementation, and program evaluation.  An Energy management assessment tool - NW EMA - has been built using the SEM maturity Model. There is a ACEEE paper published as part of the 2014 Commercial Building conference that describes the elements of the model, how it was developed, and some possible applications.
Posted By: Nick Leritz 08/05/15 on 07:08 AM (Pacific Time)
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