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DIY Guide to SEM Customer Segmentation

Created 3/5/2015 by Warren Fish
Updated 3/6/2015 by Denis DuBois
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 How do I know which of my customers would benefit from SEM?

Strategic Energy Management, or SEM for short, is “a holistic approach to managing energy use, in order to continuously improve energy performance, by achieving persistent energy and cost savings over the long term.”  It focuses on business practice change from senior management through shop floor staff, affecting organizational culture to reduce energy waste and improve energy intensity.  SEM emphasizes equipping and enabling plant management and staff to impact energy consumption through behavioral and operational change.  While SEM does not emphasize a technical or project centric approach, SEM principals and objectives may support capital project implementation.
It sounds too good to be true! Who to bring this fantastic management system to next?  It’s a tough choice in some ways, as Program Administrators deliver SEM to more and more of the Northwest’s most innovative and important companies.  As SEM moves up the adoption curve and starts becoming a more familiar concept in the marketplace, SEM Programs may want to consider how to most effectively target new customers and even new categories of customers. How can SEM Programs make the most of their recruitment efforts, adding customers who are poised to adopt SEM and save a lot of energy, and not targeting customers unlikely to adopt SEM?   What can SEM Programs do to make the value proposition for SEM resonate with different kinds of customers?  Where can they find help for targeting/recruiting SEM customers?

To answer these questions, the NW Industrial SEM Collaborative’s Market Analysis and Planning (MAP) Team developed the attached “Do It Yourself Guide to SEM Customer Segmentation” over the last year.  We’ve designed this guide to help the Northwest’s already amazing SEM Programs deliver even more value to each customer, and help to lower the overall cost of SEM delivery by becoming super efficient SEM recruiters. This guide is a living document, so we’d love to hear what you think about the customer types and recruiting framework that we’ve described in this guide. Do the descriptions fit with what you’ve seen among commercial and industrial customers?  How would you see recruitment efforts evolving over time? 
Posted By: Warren Fish 03/05/15 on 09:45 AM (Pacific Time)
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Comments (1)
Denis DuBois on 03/06/15 on 09:56 AM (Pacific Time)
Thank you for posting this awesome report. In reality there's no escaping value-based segmentation, but to spin an engaging story for customers we must center our messaging around their needs. Fortunately there are ways to get at those that don't require a lot of primary research. Your team's work here gives that effort a significant boost.
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