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RBSA Recruiting Materials

Created 6/1/2011 by Anu Teja
Updated 1/28/2021 by Stephanie Lane
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We are now moving forward with formal recruiting for the on-site visits. The attached PDF document contains the various tools we will use to invite homeowners to participate in the on-site visits. We will start to send out letters reminding them that this is the next phase following the Phone Survey which they completed a month or so earlier. We will also recruit by phone to schedule the on-site visits. The customer FAQ sheet includes a placeholder for photographs of the energy surveyors. The customer FAQ with updated photograph links will also be made available on NEEA's website in the next few days. Please keep in mind that these materials are customer-facing to ensure homeowners can feel safe and comfortable about the study and its intentions. We also want to provide our colleagues on Conduit access to this information. Please share with other colleagues as as needed.
Posted By: Anu Teja 06/01/11 on 12:34 PM (Pacific Time)

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