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ENERGY STAR® Information Request Spreadsheet - Consumer Products

Created 5/9/2014 by Hot Water Solutions
Updated 5/9/2014 by Hot Water Solutions
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Help ENERGY STAR® update their information about your heat pump water heater rebates!

This is a call to update your ENERGY STAR® product promotions information for 2014/2015.   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes your ENERGY STAR product promotions through valuable online resources like the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder, the ENERGY STAR Database for Incentives and Joint Marketing Exchange (DIME), and the ENERGY STAR Product Program Summaries for Appliances, Lighting, and Consumer Electronics.   Why is this request important to you? Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors to the ENERGY STAR Rebate Finder database find valuable information about ENERGY STAR product incentives available in their area. 

To provide your 2014/2015 program information, please follow these instructions: Open the attached spreadsheet titled “ENERGY STAR Information Request Spreadsheet_Consumer Products_2014-2015_” and review the first Instructions tab. Click on each Product tab and filter the Organization Name column to review the information listed for your programs, if applicable. Confirm all listed information is correct or make edits as necessary (Please use the color code). Add information on any new and upcoming product promotions (Please use the color code). Add zip codes on the tab titled “Zip codes” to list all zip codes where you offer product promotions. Send your program updates to Stephanie Margolis at ICF by Friday, May 30th. Stephanie can be reached at Stephanie.Margolis@icfi.com or 703-225-2316. Please contact your ENERGY STAR regional account manager with other questions or concerns.
Posted By: Hot Water Solutions 05/09/14 on 04:41 PM (Pacific Time)
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