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RETA 2013 National Conference launches Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist

Created 11/7/2013 by Lori Rhodig
Updated 11/8/2013 by Lori Rhodig
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Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and the Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA) recently partnered to develop a new energy efficiency certification for industrial refrigeration operators across the Northwest and the US. Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist (CRES) gives Northwest refrigeration operators, technicians, managers and other refrigeration professionals the skills and capabilities to optimize the energy efficiency of their plants, discover low- and no-cost savings, gain a competitive edge and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

To kick-start CRES in the Northwest, NEEA held three demonstration trainings for refrigeration operators and technicians in the Seattle, Boise and Yakima areas. The trainings helped participants gain the knowledge and hands-on capabilities needed to meet RETA’s CRES requirements, including passing an examination and completing and documenting five energy management (low cost and no cost) activities.

This RETA Conference Chronicle was published to 700 participants on October 29, also the day before the rollout of the certification exam.
Posted By: Lori Rhodig 11/07/13 on 04:04 PM (Pacific Time)
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Comments (4)
Lori Rhodig on 11/07/13 on 04:04 PM (Pacific Time)
Do you have experience and history on certification programs in other fields or sectors that supports persistence of energy savings?
Eric Miller on 11/08/13 on 08:31 AM (Pacific Time)

Interesting. Could/would this work in conjunction with  Bonneville's ROC initiative?
Lori Rhodig on 11/08/13 on 09:25 AM (Pacific Time)
Glad you asked that Eric!  I am working a document with BPA on their ESI T&T ROC program and how CRES complements it today!  In general, any refrigeration operator/technician and even equipment supplier can apply for the CRES certification through RETA at any time since it is now available.   If the candidate is feeling that that he/she needs skills in energy efficiency best practices, he/she can look into options for training programs. The candidate can contact their utility to see what offerings are available to them such as a ROC course in their area, contact their local RETA chapter, or possibly other educational institutions.  The candidate could choose also to prepare for the exam using materials available on the RETA's website since coaching/training is not mandated.  What is mandated is that he/she perform 5 documented activities (lo cost / no cost or projects and 2 activities must have sustainalbe energy savings benefits) and submit them to RETA for approval.  He/she also needs to submit 12 Professional Development Hours (a ROC training will fulfill this.)  He/she is certified!
I described this in the view from your customer.
Soon you will see more details via a rollout from BPA on the ROC program.  (Sorry I can't share here right now.)
Lori Rhodig on 11/08/13 on 01:48 PM (Pacific Time)
Hi again! To be clear, the 12 PDHs are only required for the renewal in 3 years!
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