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PowerPoint Slides from IFSA Webinar

Created 9/6/2013 by Steve Phoutrides
Updated 9/6/2013 by Steve Phoutrides
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On Wednesday September 4, 2013, NEEA and Cadmus hosted a webinar to discuss the upcoming Industrial Facilities Site Assessment with the region’s utilities and similar organizations.  We have attached the PowerPoint slide deck and notes from the webinar. We should note that the original webinar link posted to this site was changed and apparently we forgot to update folks on this list with the change; a few did contact us and we provided the updated link but for those that tried to access and could not, we apologize. At any rate, the attached provides the full slide deck as well as Q&A notes.  

To provide a brief update, we have drawn a sample and will be pre-testing a few select sites over the next few weeks. Results of the pre-test will be distributed to impacted organizations (those with sampled sites in their respective territories), to the IFSA full working group roster as well as through this interest group space on Conduit. Initial contacts with utilities where sampled sites have been drawn will take place early next week to provide advance information (as discussed in the webinar) and logistics. Monthly update calls will also be scheduled next week via email, the first of which will take place at the end of September through project completion. Please look for a meeting invite sometime in the next week assuming your Conduit profile includes your email address.  

Please feel free to directly contact either Christopher Frye (cfrye@neea.org) or Steve Phoutrides (sphoutrides@neea.org) or via Conduit if you have any questions.  Thank you. 
Posted By: Steve Phoutrides 09/06/13 on 11:58 AM (Pacific Time)
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