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Slides from the RBSA webinar July 25 2013

Created 7/26/2013 by Carrie Cobb
Updated 7/26/2013 by Carolyn VanWinkle
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July 25th we had a brownbag sharing results from NEEA’s Residential Building Stock Assessment. Nearly fifty folks called in to learn more about our region’s buildings and what it tells us about possible program opportunity. The final report for our analysis will be done in the next few weeks (and we will post it on Conduit as well as BPA’s website).

NEEA’s website has the raw data as well as reports for single-family and manufactured homes; the multi-family report will be posted shortly.  These are located at: http://neea.org/resource-center/regional-data-resources/residential-building-stock-assessment Huge kudos to NEEA for doing an amazing job leading this study, which is being used by the RTF to improve their measure savings assumptions, the Council to improve the accuracy of the 7th Plan analysis, BPA to track non-programmatic savings and NEEA to track total market savings.

What has surprised you the most about the region from the RBSA results? What has confirmed what you already suspected? What types of analyses would you like to see done? Folks on the call were interested to look more deeply at HVAC and envelope for only electrically heated homes; to explore whether manufactured homes have a higher saturation rate of linear fluorescents than single family; and to look at fuel type for homes with low-flow showerheads. We will be looking at the data in these ways and posting ad-hoc findings on Conduit in the next few months.

For detailed analysis tables, go to: https://conduitnw.org/Pages/File.aspx?rid=1684 Follow “RBSA” as a tag and you will get emails when we post additional analysis or information! Share how your utility or organization is using RBSA, and any interesting findings you have stumbled upon.

Posted By: Carrie Cobb 07/26/13 on 06:18 AM (Pacific Time)
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Carolyn VanWinkle on 07/26/13 on 08:14 AM (Pacific Time)
Thanks for sharing these, Carrie. Great presentation! It was surprising for me to learn that low-flow showerheads present such a huge potential for savings.
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