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IFSA Customer Contact Protocols (Compiled)

Created 7/12/2013 by Christopher Frye
Updated 7/12/2013 by Christopher Frye
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Attached is a document based on work conducted by the IFSA Customer Contact Protocol Working Group. The working group participated in three separate meetings between May 20 and June 25. The document is a compilation of a number of components that were discussed during these meetings, including: Overall Customer Contact Protocol, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a Decision Tree for Customer Contact Process, a Letter to be used by utilities to introduce the IFSA to customers (optional), a Customer recruiting script (optional), a description of what the industrial assessment will entail for customers and a utility data authorization form.

We plan on using the process established by the working group in a pre-test that is being planned currently. We envision the pre-test (involving roughly 5 sites) will provide feedback on process and materials that will likely be integrated into the full study, currently scheduled to be in the field beginning in the September timeframe. Given that, if you have questions or feedback regarding the attached, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Phoutrides, PM, NEEA @ sphoutrides@neea.org.

Please look to this space for additional updates as appropriate over the next few weeks.
Posted By: Christopher Frye 07/12/13 on 02:26 PM (Pacific Time)
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