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Findings on New Opportunities in Energy Efficiency--Themes Spreadsheet

Created 6/20/2013 by Carrie Cobb
Updated 6/21/2013 by Carrie Cobb
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This apreadsheet has multiple tabs highlighting themes from interviews and facilitated sessions. This is a wonderful treasure trove of ideas and thoughts.
Posted By: Carrie Cobb 06/20/13 on 12:05 PM (Pacific Time)
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Comments (2)
Todd Blackman on 06/21/13 on 09:44 AM (Pacific Time)
Wow, a lot of information here ! I don't know where to start? 
Carrie Cobb on 06/21/13 on 12:02 PM (Pacific Time)
If you want to dig in, I would start with the first tab "Summary of Themes". That gives a really comprehensive overview of everything that folks shared in the brainstorming and in the interviews. When I was reviewing it, I filtered the spreadsheet by column A "Label" and looked at it label by label. My favorite was looking at thr programs of note: I think "Cash for Clunkers" is super interesting and "marketing in a box". The final report for this project will give a nice overview of the ideas that will be easier to read than the spreadsheets, and we should have that to post in September.

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