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EFX16 Session: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Evolving Opportunities to Stabilize the Region’s Future

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Presentation and video from Efficiency Exchange 2016 Session. 

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Evolving Opportunities to Stabilize the Region’s Future 
The following questions will be addressed: 1. What are the issues and considerations surrounding the use of Northwest utility rate base funding for EV infrastructure? 2. How can Northwest utilities and regulators work together to achieve the same goals in developing EV infrastructure? This moderated expert panel will explore these questions by providing a real-time update on the West Coast Electric Highway from an infrastructure standpoint, and how recent policy changes, such as HB 1853 in Washington, impact northwest utilities. The discussion will also address common considerations of the increased electrification of the grid, grid management and load balancing issues (Photovoltaic and EV), and strategies in developing new utility programs and other ways to realize maximum benefit of EVs.
Moderator: John Clint, AESC, Inc.
Panelists: Charles W. Botsford, AeroVironment, Inc. | JJ McCoy, NW Energy Coalition | John C. Morris, Drive Oregon | Ashley Horvat, PlugShare

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