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Best Lighting Retrofits Now and the Future Impacts

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5/17/2018 7:30am - 4:30pm

Billings, MT

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This course has been significantly updated since it was last offered in Montana. Selecting the best value LED lighting is crucial since they may last a decade or more. Understand TLED types that operate with existing ballasts, direct line voltage and dedicated drivers. Learn why LED lightbars, fixture kits and new fixtures can often be a better choice. Also learn how LED hibay performance and pricing have really improved. Several interior and exterior applications will be discussed. Often soft savings, Human Centric Lighting benefits, certifications and advanced financial tools are important for project approval. Various types of retrofits will have a big impact on cost effectiveness of future re-retrofits. When are basic controls cost effective? Are advanced lighting controls with Internet of Things ready for more than early adopters? Even if advanced controls are not utilized now, should adapters be included in the current retrofit? Find out questions to these questions and more. This course is coordinated by the NEEA Industrial Training project and is co-sponsored by NorthWestern Energy, Flathead Electric, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Ravalli County Electric Cooperative, Bonneville Power Administration and Washington State University Energy Program.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Billings West
3431 Ember Lane
Billings, MT 59102

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Francine Chinitz, industrial-training@industrial.neea.org, 888-720-6823

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